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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Light HTML Oracle Support Site

The standard Flash GUI of the actual Oracle Support site is driving me crazy. For a guy like me, used to work especially with console applications, addicted to VIM and browsing using Vimperator, having this Flash site in front of me really hurts. It hurts when I have to move my hand to click something with the mouse, it hurts when I cannot go back to the previous page, it hurts... it hurts... it hurts! Oracle Support is not a game, it doesn't need animation, video or other such things Flash is good at.

Okey, enough with all these complaints! If you don't like Flash, or your browser simply doesn't support it you may switch to the plain html interface: Isn't it cool? Just have a look:

Now I can use my beloved Vimperator and, of course, Flashblock.

However, I have to point out the limitations.The HTML option does not include the following functionality, which is only available in the Flash version of My Oracle Support:

* Systems
* Projects
* Healthchecks
* Patch Advice & Recommendations
* Inventory Reporting
* OnDemand Portal, Service Request and RFC Functionality
* CRM OnDemand Service Requests & Knowledge

As far as I'm concerned, I didn't use those features anyway therefore I'm good!


Anonymous said...

big like! - thanks .

Rutuja Deshmukh said...

One of the best content for advance options using flash in oracle.